14 August

Real people stories

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My employer just increased our insurance premiums a few months ago. And because they were acquired by another company our Insurance provider changed, as well. The percentage on coverage is not as good as previous insurance provider, however the dental side of it is better. We definately notice the coverage when I had an CT Scan and some lab work done at a nearby hospital. It doesn't make sense that our premiums increased, yet our coverage decreased.     


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06 August

Your medical bill

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Medical Bills

When it comes to medical bills and the billing it's complex, fmost of us have been there and have felt the confusion when reading them. Let alone the cost disparities throughout medical providers nationwide. Every medical bill is heavily relied upon billing codes. If one digit is off it will throw your medical bill into a tale spin. Nonetheless each of these codes must coincide with each other otherwise your tale spin just got worse.  

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29 July

Healthcare Cost Disparities

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Disparities in Healthcare     

Many procedures and treatments have significant pricing disparities throughout medical facilities nationwide. Other major cost disparities that are less complex regarding overall costs are imaging services (CT Scan, X-ray etc) offered by medical facilities. Imaging costs and services are more cut and dry, therefore easier to breakdown data and determine the cost of service down to the penny. More importantly, these are relatively the same diagnostic mac...

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17 July

Hospital Price Transparency

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Hospital price transparency is not only here, but it's the future in Healthcare and cost related. One of the several reasons healthcare costs are so high is because cost information has been a closely guarded secret. After all, the last thing most hospitals want is to have there procedure/treatment prices blasted all over the Internet. And limiting competitor presence by acquiring other medical practices throughout geo-locations has been a big driver for many hospitals. Perhaps, the days of price gouging are over as we move forwar...

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10 July

Medical Procedure Cost Database

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For the first time in history (in 2013) The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services released data on medical procedure and treatment costs. This dataset includes millions of rows of data. With a variety of fields to choose from regarding medical providers such as Hospitals, Medical Doctors, Physician Assistants, Chiropractors, Nurse Practioners, Optometrists, Dentists, Podiatrists, Ambulatory Centers, just to name a few. Since, there's been a few updates on these releases over the course of three years.

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01 July

Real People Stories

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Last year I had an MRI at a local Hospital. I have a pretty solid insurance plan from my work, however when I got the bill after my Insurance paid there half, I was shocked to see my half. I later learned that If I would of gone to another Hospital nearby that same MRI would of cost me $650.00 less out of pocket. 



South Carolina

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22 April

Real People Stories

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I'm going to make this short as possible - My husband suffered a stroke and at the time we had a premium PPO insurance plan. It wasn't far from our house, however the Ambulance did take him to the ER. He was hospitalized for 2 days. Our final bill was $24,000 and change, this was after our Insurance had paid there coverage. We had a hard time (took us 2 months) finding out what the total actual cost was. We ended up negotiating the bill down from the 24k, because we started researching the medical cost in a few other facilities nearby, and what we found completely blew our minds. I wil...

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